I am a white hat security researcher, graduated my M.Sc at Tel Aviv University (TAU) at 2016. Both my B.Sc and M.Sc were security related, and this website will focus mainly on my past, present and future security research.

Current entitled CVEs are:

  • CVE 2016-7115Mac-Telnet client Remote Code Execution
  • CVE 2016-8596libcsp canbus (csp) Remote Code Execution
  • CVE 2016-8597libcsp fragmentation (sfp) Remote Code Execution
  • CVE 2016-8598libcsp zmq driver Remote Code Execution
  • CVE 2016-8633 – Linux kernel firewire driver Remote Code Execution
  • CVE 2016-8636 – Linux Kernel infiniband driver (Soft RoCE) memory corruption
  • CVE 2016-10158PHP exif module DoS – unique crash from hostile .tiff file
  • CVE 2016-10159 – PHP phar module DoS
  • CVE 2016-10160 – PHP phar module memory corruption (possible RCE)
  • CVE 2017-11147 – PHP phar module DoS
  • CVE 2017-0898 – Ruby format string memory corruption and information disclosure
  • CVE 2017-17066 (GarlicRust) – I2P C++ routers (i2pd & kovri) major Info-Leak (Heartbleed-style)
  • CVE 2018-8778 – Ruby unpack information disclosure
  • CVE 2018-8781Linux kernel integer overflow in UDL driver – Local Privilege Escalation (Checkpoint research)

Twitter: @Eyalitkin